Godox A1 Smartphone/iPhone Photography Flash

A1 Smartphone

The A1 can be synced with any iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. An app will give you several options for controlling the light. This includes the ability to fire the HID flash, or to use its three built-in LED lights as a constant light for video. Additionally, the combination of the A1 and the app can be used as a transmitter to fire off any other flash or strobe inside of Godox’s 2.4 GHz system.

At first glance, this light might not seem like a valuable option to an experienced photographer. But a deeper look into what all it is capable of, combined with its convenience and size, show that Godox might have a very useful tool. For example, I love taking candid pictures of my family around the house, and with the always-improving cameras on our smartphones, I do not mind using my iPhone’s camera for this at all. The problem I have as a photographer, though, is often the lighting. The direct flash that the iPhone has rarely provides the quality that I desire, making indoor photo, and especially video, very difficult in a poorly lit room. The Godox A1 might be exactly what I am looking for as a photographer who values getting quality shots of the candid moments that come up, but does not want the hassle of setting up a full camera and light system to get the photos lit well.

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A1 Smartphone