B+W Master 007 Clear MRC Nano 62mm (1101524)

  • Highly Transparent Protective Glass
  • MRC Nano Coating
  • Color-Neutral
  • Low Reflection

The 62mm MRC MASTER 007 Clear Filter from B+W protects the front of your lens against the elements such as sand, dust, fingerprints, and splashing water. The filter is fully color-neutral and highly transparent. Featuring B+W's MRC nano coating, it also has an extremely low reflection. The optical information remains unaffected when it reaches the image sensor.

The coating reduces the adhesion tendency of dirt particles and water droplets. With MRC nano coating, a water droplet remains practically spherical. It rolls over the surface, and a first-rate dirt- and water-repellent effect occurs.

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007 Clear MRC Nano 62mm