Virus Removal

Is your computer moving slowly, groaning in pain and dragging its feet? It could have picked us a virus or other type of malware while you were adventuring out in cyberspace. Fortunately, unlike a zombie, an infected computer can be cured. Let us take a spin through our hard drive and see if we can help by removing any viruses and spyware.

Most Common Problems

Our Virus removal specialists are fully experienced in both old & new virus removal procedures whether you have recieved the virus by e-mail or from a floppy disk we can help.

As there are over 100,000 computer virus's in circultation and new ones being released in to the wild on an almost daily basis.

" Virus writers have to balance how and when their viruses infect against the possibility of being detected. Therefore, the spread of an infection may not be immediate "

We have the capabilities to remove virus's and salvage data from damage caused by virus infections from all types of computer software & hardware.

We can also advise you or your business about the latest Antivirus Software and practices to ensure you do not get caught out as it can only takes a little complacency that ca lead to immense disruption to your business and more importantly your data.


Desktop / Laptop
Tablet / Mobiles Phones / Camera

Workshop @ $45.00 / hr.
Onsite @ $60.00 / hr.