For those seeking optimal performance and reliability, the WD Blacks come with 5 years of

The WD Black are part of the WD hard drive family which consists of five different colours: blue, green, purple, red and black. They all have different purposes and while they are all quite similar, they are all fine tuned to perform a particular task or be fit for a certain type of application. The WD Blacks are designed for performance, built with only speed in mind. It features a 5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind for all your storage. If you are after the fastest mechanical hard drive which is also reliable, the WD Blacks would be the perfect choice.

Inspiring performance and capacity

WD Black performance storage is designed to enhance your PC experience across heavier computing tasks whether you are a digital artist, video editor, photographer, or gamer. Available with an impressive 128 MB of DRAM cache on higher capacity models, the WD Black drive is optimized for drive performance so you can spend more time experiencing the things you love most. Enhance your PC's performance even further when you combine a WD Black drive with an SSD for a dual drive configuration, allowing you to benefit from the additional caching of your operating system onto the SSD for increased performance. All together, the WD Black drive gives you the hard drive performance, capacity and an industry leading 5-year limited warranty for an inspiring three-in-one storage solution.

For Gamers

The WD Black drive is the perfect storage solution for your gaming machine as it offers large capacities to store your game's downloadable content (DLC), larger cache sizes, and is the perfect complement for maximum system performance when combined with an SSD. The WD Black drive also includes StableTrac Technology (2 TB and larger models) for more accurate data tracking due to vibrations from additional gaming hardware. The WD Black drive also offers a 5-year limited warranty to match or beat your other gaming hardware.


Interface SATA 
Rotational Speed 
Formatted Capacity 
User Sectors per Drive 
System Compatibility 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 
4.00 x 1.028 x 5.787" / 101.6 x 26.1 x 147 mm

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