H&Y Circular Magnetic HD Filter Kit for Fuji X100V

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  • Filter Set for FUJIFILM X-100 Camera
  • Circular Polarizing Filter
  • ND64 Filter, 1.8X Filter Factor (6-Stop)
  • Protective UV Filter
  • 49mm Magnetic Magnetic Ring Adapter
  • Magnetic Front Lens Cap
  • HD Optical Glass
  • Nano-Coating
  • Zippered Filter Wallet

This Magnetic Filter Kit For FUIFILM X-100 from H&Y Filter is a convenient kit that expands the capabilities of the FUJIFILM X-100 digital camera. It is made up of three classic filter styles: UV, Circular Polarizer, and Neutral Density. In addition, it has a magnetic adapter ring, lens cap, and filter wallet. Each filter is made of optical glass that has Nano-coating finish, combining the glare-resistant capability of multi-coating with protective resistance coating to protect against dust, grime, oil, and water. The black finish of this kit is made to match the design of the X-100 camera body.

CPL Filter
A Circular Polarizing (CPL) Filter reduces reflection and glare from shiny surfaces, and reduces reflections on water and glass surfaces. I can increase the saturation of blue skies for a more dramatic look. When shooting landscapes, it can reduce haze and increase saturation in foliage.
ND64 Neutral Density Filter
This ND64 filter proves a filter factor of 1.8 for an exposure reduction of 6 f-stops. This is useful in both still and video applications when trying to adjust shutter speeds in enviromnets with bright light. This filter allows reduced shutter speeds for increased motion blur in still photos. It can reduce depth of field to help isolate an image's subject from the background, and increase bokeh.
UV Filter
This UV Filter reduces the amount of ultraviolet light entering the camera lens, reduces haze and its related cool tone. This filter has no effect on the exposure, and acts as a protective barrier for the front optic of the integrated camera lens.
Magnetic Adapter Ring
This adapter ring allows the kit's included 49mm filters to be magnetically attached to and removed from the camera in seconds, without having to align fussy threads.
Magnetic Lens Cap
This magnetic lens cap quickly attaches to the front of whichever filter is is mounted on the adapter ring to provide protection from dust, fingerprints and more, so that the filter does not need to be removed during breaks from shooting.
Filter Wallet
This filter wallet conveniently organizes and stores filter in individual pockets, and features a zippered closure.
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