Q: What is the opening hours for the retail store?

A: Our retail store is open 7 days a week our Business Hours are as follow:

Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 4:00pm
Sunday and Public holidays: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Expert Infotech 
96 Sunnybrae Road
Glenfield (Hillcrest) 
New Zealand 

Q: How do I place an order with you?

A: It is very simple and only takes a few steps as listed below:

1) Once you decide on your product, click "Add to Cart" to add products to your shopping cart.

2) Click "Cart" at any time to view items currently in your shopping cart. You can add as many products as you like.

3) When you finish shopping, click "Proceed to Checkout".

4) Type in your email address and password to login. If you have an account or create an accout

(Click "New Customer" if you are not already a member and fill in all the fields. Please re-check your email address and make sure it is correct.)

5) Packaging & Delivery charges are divided into four zones- Auckland, North Island, South Island and Rural Delivery and are charged on the basis of the number of products you order. Select the correct option for shipping. Do not select Auckland charges for delivery in Hamilton or any RD and SH areas around Auckland. The correct option would be North Island charges for example. Please refer to

https://www.einfo.co.nz/payment-delivery for exact delivery charges.

Incorrect delivery would result in you not receiving your order on time.

6) Please READ and understand our Terms & Conditions of sale and then tick the box.

  1. g) Click "Order Confirmation" to confirm your order.

At this stage you will be directed to our Order Success page which also displays your Order Number.

Once you get to the "Order Success" page, you will get an email to the account email address. It contains all the details you require; Order Number, product(s) ordered, GST, freight, total order value and bank account details etc. Another email will be sent manually to confirm the product availability.

Once you get the stock confirmation email, you must deposit the money via Internet banking (preferred Method), Telephone banking within 24 hours or if you wish you can send a Bank Cheque but products are sold on 'first payment received first served' basis.

Refer to credit card for clearance information, you can however pay by Cash, EFTPOS, or Credit Card in store.

That's it.

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: Payment Terms:

All payments must be received by us in our bank (cleared funds) before we can send the product(s). Currently we accept four forms of Payments.

- Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer:

As the name suggests, a customer deposits the order total in a bank branch. All deposits or bank transfers should be accompanied by the "Order No." (same as Order No. or Tax Invoice No.) as the Reference and additionally (if possible), purchaser's Last Name. Otherwise, the payment can not be acknowledged and products will not be sent. In such situations you must send us e-mail with your order details.

Bank Account Detail:

Account Number: 12-3072-0868486-00

Account Name: Expert Electronics Ltd T/A Expert Infotech

Bank Name: ASB Bank, Glenfield, Branch, Auckland.

- Cash on Pick-up:

Pay when you pickup, Cash or EFTPOS cards are accepted at the Store.

We accept Visa & MasterCard (Credit Card Extra 2% Surcharge)

-Credit/Debit Card:

We accepts Visa & MasterCard (Credit Card Extra 2% Surcharge) We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems available on the Internet: the SSL protocol. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.


Cheques Payable to: Expert Infotech (If you pay by Cheque then it takes 5 Working days to clear). We’ll send goods once cheque cleared.

Q: How long is the warranty for products?

A: All products come with 12 Months Warranty and unless specified more for products.

Q: Can I come and collect the product from your retail store? 

A: Yes you can, Please confirm product availability before collecting goods by phone or e-mail.

Q: Is there any extra charge for purchasing at the retail store?

A: No! There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for purchasing in our store. You can come during our business hours to buy from the store, when you place your order just select store pick up. We advise you to place an order or at least open an account before coming to the store to avoid rush in the store.

Q: How often are your prices on the website updated?

Our prices on the website are changed at least once a day depending on the exchange rate and other market factors.

Q: I have placed the order. But I did not get the stock confirmation email.

A: If you have received an email within seconds of order success button is pressed by you, then you should also get the stock confirmation email within the hour of the order placement. Please check your email address on our database by logging into our system. Additionally, you can click on the order and see the order history on our website.

Q: What covers the warranty?

All manufactured fault/s are cover with warranty excluding any physical damages, liquid damage and user error.

Q: Where do your products come from and why are your prices cheaper than other local retail stores?

A: It depends on product as most of our Comptuer and IT product comes from local distributor and we mainly source our Electronic products from imported products from Australia, Europe, Singapore, and other International markets. This is the reason why the prices can be competitive while the quality is guaranteed.

A: Do you have stocks of the products you list on the website? How do I know that the product ordered by me is in stock or not?

We get thousands of orders every week. Almost all the products listed on our website are usually in stock. if it is out of stock, the product is arranged/ordered immediately from the warehouse , and the products come into the stock within 3-4 working days. An order may take longer to get in if it is a special order item or suddenly is on a back order.

After placing an order you are sent an email automatically with the order number and payment details, additionally, a manual check is done (between 9 am - 12 midnight) for the stock availability and a stock confirmation email is sent. [The order status is changed to 'Pending for Payment' for Bank transfer or cheque order, or 'Payment Received' for Credit card order. Customers making bank transfers should only make the payment after this email is received].

Q: How long is the shipping time for your products online?

A: We will process all the orders on the same day using overnight delivery via Courierpost Service if possible.

Some products on our website are in the warehouse which may need 1-to 5 days to arrive.

You are welcome to contact us to check the stock availability before placing an order.

Q: I have noticed that some computer resellers have a lower 'bait' price on websites to attract customers and when the products are ordered they don't have stock and worse they quote more. How does pricing work at your end?

A: We are different to those resellers. You will get the same price that is advertised at the time of placing the order on our website, whether you buy online or from the store.

Q: What is your policy on returns?

A: If you are wishing to return a device that is faulty please follow the information of our Warranty Info page by clicking here. If you are wishing to return an item that was ordered in error or simply wished to be returned for a refund then a restocking fee of $20 or 15%, whichever is greater, of the goods current value will apply. If in the case that the item was specially ordered, the items cannot be returned, or order cancelled. We also hold the right to not provide a full refund if you have changed your mind for any purchase upon receipt of the goods.

Q: Are all your products genuine?

A: Yes all our products are genuine and all brand new unless specified otherwise.

Q: Why is the box not sealed?

A: Most of our products are sealed from the manufacturer, however, it needs to be opened to change the default language to English for country use and check there is no damage in transit as we import them overseas. Also, some of the parallel imported phones may require QC check, network unlock, hence, the seal of product needs to be opened to make it operate globally.

Q: What does Stock Quantity availability indicate on our website?

A: Quantity shall reflect either as Low or Medium on product page. Please note, this is combined stock quantity available for product availability in our retail store, our local warehouse and our overseas warehouse.

Q: What does it mean by "Parallel Imported" and why does it say it in some of the descriptions of the products on your website?

A: Parallel imported goods are authentic, genuine products - the real deal. The reason they are more easily affordable is that they can be sourced directly through legitimate supply chains overseas. By not being subject to local licensees or agents, goods are often more competitively priced than they may be locally.

We just cut out the middleman and get a great bargain for you. 

Q: I have ordered the product two days back, but the order status is still 'Pending for payment' '. Why?

A: Please note that we receive hundreds of bank deposits every week.

If the order status is still ' Pending for payment' it means we've still not received your payment or might have received without order no. or its been deposited into a wrong bank account. If this happens then we can not allocate the payment to your order.

In such cases, you must send us an email with following details

Date of Deposit :

A/c no. deposited into:

Amount :

Reference used :

We will do a manual search to identify your payment. Once the payment is identified, the product will be sent in 1-2 working days.

Q: I had requested a Refund. But it's still not credited into my account. Why?

A: It takes between 5-10 business days to complete the refund process, provided you have given your correct bank a/c no. in the format, 12-3072-0868486-000 delays are caused if the Bank a/c no. is incorrect, if the order status is changed, the product is not received, or if received but it’s not in its original condition or is damaged. There could be other reasons which are out of our control.

Q: I have tried to track the Ticket Number with the courier company and was told that this no. is not in their system. Why ?

A: All orders are invoiced based on the complete payments received, with correct packaging & delivery charges paid before 12 midnight. Next step is to package the products. Once the package is sealed the packaging person scans the barcode of the courier ticket no.

As it scans, an email is automatically sent to the customer with this ticket number, at that instant. Then the package is sent to the Courier bin. The Courier companies come at various intervals and pick up the packages for delivery. They scan it and send the information to their databases. Courier updates the database once the item is at their depot for sorting.

Q: I have already deposited the money but I have not received the products. Why?

A: We send hundreds of orders every day. More than a thousand every week.

We handle this enormous task quite efficiently. Most processes are automated. But there is always 2-3 customers every month who miss out due to delay in receiving the payment or not following the proper procedure. Some possible causes of the delay can be:

1) Not making Order number as reference at the time of depositing the money in Bank. In such cases, let us know the reference you made. We will do a manual search to identify your payment.

2) Wrong selection of Packaging & Delivery charges. Ex: Selecting Auckland charges for delivery in South Island. In such cases, we correct it and you will see the extra amount reflected in the new order total. Product will be sent only after this payment is received by us.

3) Short payment. Product will be sent only after complete payment is received.

4) Delay in receiving your payment. Consequently, product is out of stock. In such cases, we will send the product after we receive the next stocks. If you cannot wait then you can ask for refund.

5) Payment in wrong account. Make sure you put the suffix 000 in case your bank asks 3 digit suffix.

6) We are awaiting a confirmation from you. Sometimes if you order incompatible parts we ask you to reconfirm the items in your order.

7) We might not have received your order. Make sure you have received an order number. when you click Order Success.

Q: What if my product is lost or damaged by the courier?

A: You must immediately inform the courier company and us. We will pursue the matter from our side. It involves some paperwork & usually it takes between 7- 15 working days. Sometimes more time If their investigation requires more details. Once the courier company accepts the liability for the loss, we will send the product(s) again.

Q: What if you cannot source a product that I ordered? Can I get a full refund?

A: We will endeavor to source a product you ordered on our website, however, sometimes due to the stock availability overseas we might be unable to source it temporarily. In this case, we will notify you at the earliest possible time. You can choose to swap it to another model with difference refunded/paid, or otherwise, you can choose to get the full credit card refund.

Q: What does it mean Open Box / Like New / Pristine / Very Good or Refurbished?

A: Refurbished phone, sometimes referred to as a reconditioned or certified pre-owned phone, is a device that has been previously owned by someone else and returned to the manufacturer due to reasons such as a change of mind, model preference, colour choice, Exlease, or an upgrade to a higher device.

Refurbished phones undergo a thorough inspection, repair, and testing process to ensure they are in good working condition and meet specific quality standards.

Open Box / Like New / Pristine Refurbished devices: they are in mint condition with no visible scratches, even when examined from a distance of 20cm. All devices sold are 100% functional, tested, and cleaned.

Refurbished - VERY GOOD Condition devices: there may be very minor scratches that are visible from a distance of 20cm. However, all devices sold are 100% functional, tested, and cleaned.

All items come with a 12-month warranty for the device and a 6-month warranty for the battery and accessories.

Please note that water-resistance ratings do not apply to "Open Box," "Like New," "As New," Very Good" and "Refurbished" products. Additionally, some of our refurbished products may include aftermarket parts used in the refurbishment process. Rest assured that all components and products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are fully functional. We provide a 1-year warranty on all our products to guarantee your peace of mind.