Broncolor Siros 400 S Expert 2-Light Kit

Broncolor Siros 400 S Expert 2-Light Kit

The Siros 400 Basic 2-Light Kit from Broncolor is built around two 400Ws monolights that are controllable via Wi-Fi or radio signal. The kit includes 2 flash heads, each with a reflector; a silver 33.5" umbrella. A sync cord and Wheeled Flash Bag 2 are also included.

Package Included:

2 × Siros 400 S

1 × Umbrella Silver 85 cm

1 × Synchronous Cable 5 m

1 × Flash Bag 2

Siros 400 WiFi/RFS 2.1 Monolight

Providing a 400Ws output in a compact design, the Siros 400 WiFi/RFS 2.2 Monolight from Broncolor is a reliable studio flash unit with Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in RFS 2.1 receiver for wireless control and triggering. It has a 7-stop power range which is adjustable in 1/10 or full stop increments for great control over light output. The Siros is also quite fast with a flash duration from 1/8000 - 1/400second and a recycle time of 0.1 - 1.45 seconds depending on power settings. Additionally, the monolight has a halogen modeling light.

Built into the Siros is a specialized Speed Mode that speeds up the charging time and flash duration to provide a fast sequence of exposures, up to 50 per second at the fastest setting. Also, the unit has a USB connection for software updates and is fan cooled for temperature control. An integrated reflector and mount are included for adding modifiers to the light.

l When the Siros is connected to a Wi-Fi network, each light can be identified by a different-color LED and can be easily controlled using the bronControl app for smartphones and tablets

l With the integrated Broncolor RFS 2.1 receiver, users can use the RFS 2.1 transmitter for remote control from the camera

l Cut-off technology uses a microprocessor to calculate the flash duration to an output, enabling sequences with up to 50 flashes per second

l Enhanced Color Temperature Control technology adapts flash voltage and duration in order to achieve a constant color temperature over the entire variation range

l Individual power distribution means the unit has controllers for each lamp in order to have greater control over the flash power range

l Speed mode reduces flash duration and charging time while reducing the maximum power in order to achieve a series of rapid exposures without overheating

l Single rotary control for flash power output setting, a slight turn provides 1/10 stops while a "Twist" function allows for whole stops

l Internal discharge when power is reduced

l Grip features double-wall plastic with a special coating for durability and comfort

l Aluminum stand adapter can be used with the handle to function as a built-in floor stand

l Standard sync port and built-in photocell are available for more elaborate triggering setups

l Black aluminum body construction

l Designed and developed in Switzerland

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