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Data Recovery

Don't worry - We can retrieve your important lost or damaged desktop and Laptop computer data for you. If your hard drive has suffered mechanical or electrical failure, we can re-instate your data using the same forensic recovery techniques as employed by many of the worlds law enforcement and military establishments.

We support a wide range of Operating systems as well as most third party software:

Laptop & desktop Systems    
Mechanical/ Electrical Systems    
Deleted & loss Data    
Data Loss    
Corrupted Drives    
Virus Attack    

How much is it? - The cost of recovering the data can only be determined on completion of drive diagnosis.

There is a diagnosis charge of $30 for hard drives. If it is determined your data is irretrievable, we will not charge you this fee

Collection & Callout: You can send your drive to us by Recorded mail/Courier Service or If you are based in Auckland New Zealand, we can collect your hard drive and return it to you in most cases within 48 Hours, the cost of this service is $50 per hour. If you wish for an engineer to call to your operating premises, this service is also $50 per hour.